Adopted as part of the By-Laws at the First Stated Meeting-January 16, 2004

1. The following should be present: Date, Time and place of meeting.
2. The names of members present and members absent with and without
excuse and visitors should be recorded.
3. The meeting should be opened and closed with prayer.
4. a. The minutes should include approval of past meetings.
b. The minutes should include a record of communication and supporting
documents deemed necessary by the session.
c. The minutes should include all committee reports and supporting
documents, deemed necessary by the session.
5. The minutes should include the names of members received and
dismissed, together with the names of baptized children of parents received
or dismissed.
6. The minutes should include the election of representatives to Presbytery
and General Assembly and whether attended and reported afterwards.
7. The minutes should include the calling of Congregational Meetings.
8. The minutes should include statistical reports to Presbytery.
9. The minutes should indicate that a record of baptisms, the Lords Supper,
Marriages and deaths in the congregation is being kept.
10. The session should maintain a separate compilation of minutes and
records of congregational meetings or if incorporated in the regular record,
should be plainly labeled.
11.The minutes should include the signature of the Clerk and Moderator of
the meeting.
12.This check list should be maintained with the Sessional minutes as a
guide for the Clerk of Session.
13.The minutes shall be kept in a bound book. A bound book may be a loose
leaf with numbered pages.
14.The minutes shall be kept in compliance to all related rules of the Book
of Church Order.
15. The Sessional Records Committee is instructed to report exceptions to
the court and furthermore the Stated Clerk is instructed to include in his
report the response of the session to the exceptions taken. ( Item Number
15 was added to the By-Laws after proper vote at the Jan 2006 and April
2006 Stated meetings)


To assist Churches in preparing to host Presbytery the following listed items are suggested.
1. Some Sessions appoint an arrangements committee with the following,
or similar, make up.
a) One Elder
b) One Deacon
c) The President of the WIC.
d) The Music or Choir director.

2. Prepare a letter of welcome to Presbytery submitted to the Stated Clerk of Presbytery at
least 20 days prior to the date of the Presbytery Meeting. Include in the letter, times for
lunch/dinner and cost per person. Advise if there will be coffee, pastries, etc., and time and
place served prior to the meeting.

3. With the letter of welcome include the following

a. A list; of hotels or motels, to include rates per night and discounts if any i.e., AAA, AARP,
Church or PCA.

b. A map of the area, with major roads leading to the city with the location of the church
noted and the location of motels numbered to match the list provided.

4. Have pianist available for opening hymn if there is no worship service scheduled. Coordinate
this with the Moderator.

5. The Host Representative will be introduced (see the docket ). Usually scheduled early in the
meeting. The representative will give:

a. Welcome to Presbytery.
b. Interesting information concerning the Church, etc.
c. Information on layout; of the church and facilities.

6. Preparation to assist the Elders and visitors:

a. Have a sign in table convenient with attendants to assist those attending. ( MAKE SURE TO
b. Provide name tags and pins suitable for name writing.
c. Provide a table for the Stated and Recording Clerks to the front right of the main podium.
d. Provide microphones for the Moderator and Committee reports if

e. Have room assignments posted for Committee meetings. (MNA MTW, CE, Sessional Records,

NOTE: Some Committees may meet the afternoon or evening before Presbytery.

f. If the back pew or row of seats are not available, please provide a large table for handouts
and Sessional records.

7. For the January and July Meetings.

a. Provide for a Friday evening supper. ( paid for by guests)

h. Preparation of the Elements for the Lords Supper for Friday evening.

c. Arrange for a speaker for evening Worship Service or coordinate with the Candidates and
Credentials Committee to have an Ordinand speak. Quite often the host Pastor preaches, but
this is not a requirement.

d. Assign Ruling Elders to serve the Elements.

e. Selected hymns and a pianist.

f. Receive an Offering for Ministerial Relief for Shepherding Committee.

Note: The Stated Clerk will usually arrive several hours before the Presbytery meeting in order
to help with any last minute needs.

8. For women’s Presbyterial, usually at the January meeting of Presbytery.

1. Have separate sign in tables for men and women.

2. Provide meeting room for Women’s meeting.

3. Assist WIC in planning for their meeting.

4. For further information on Women’s work contact the President of Presbytery WIC.

If there are further questions, please contact the Stated Clerk of Presbytery RE William L
Hatcher at (706) 394 -8281. Thanks for all your hard work.

(Scroll down for Arrangements Committee Information)